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The T/2 Team Bids High at the 2004 Barrett-Jackson !


In support of our client and vintage racing poster impresario Jacques Grelley and Classic-Racing.com, the T/2 Motorsports team had the opportunity to attend the 2004 Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Some of the finest collector cars in the world, shining like the sun, were almost more than we could take in.  This year's auction set multiple records, including the sale of over $38 million of cars.  The trip was highlighted by visits from Jacques' friends Arie Leyundyk and Lyn St. James.


Jacques vintage collectables include 1958 Cuba Grand Prix posters, 1914 Indy 500 posters (the first printed for the event), 1908 Savannah Grand Prix posters (the first G.P. in the U.S), and more.  Look for a complete line of 50's - 60s' LeMans original photos from the official track photographer coming soon.  Jacques also offers a line of incredible tapestries, ceramic tile sets, and custom tote bags, that include many of his poster images.  See what's available at www.classic-racing.comJacques' personal collection includes over 3400 original vintage posters, documenting the progression of auto racing throughout the world.  Look for more from Jacques and the T/2 team.


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